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First Words
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A very self-indulgent AU that got out of hand , what can I say? Hah.
Fledgelings, fluff and feathers, oh my!
We have fluff. And plot. But mostly fluff!
mindyleeb said:
I love your baby angel stuff. Do you have a master post or ao3 acct where the story could be read in order?

Thank you so much ;w; ♥♥ I was indeed supposed to make a masterlist but I kind of flaked on that ugh >.> I’m either going to pick that back up or I’ll reblog/post (to this blog? another one? aaah) the things in order!

Thank you again ♥♥ And if anyone has suggestions about organising this hot mess? Please feel free to inform me!! 

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osnapstephanie was feeling sad and we can’t have that, can we, Cas?
*smooches you* hope you feel better soon, bby!

osnapstephanie was feeling sad and we can’t have that, can we, Cas?

*smooches you* hope you feel better soon, bby!

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Cas has NO idea what the fuss is about tbh. So yeah, Cas’ first human words were kind of… boring (unless you’re Dean, because he’s going to be telling this story to whomever looks even vaguely interested, beaming like a proud mom and laughing uncontrollably at turns. Cas is still incredibly unimpressed with it when he’s older.)

So, little Cas’ first words were a popular topic: I got several more questions regarding this, hah. After this there’ll be conversations like this:

'Cas, can you say 'Enterprise'?' 'Yes.' '…okay, mr. smartypants.' …Dean does feel kinda cheated Cas didn't go through the cute parrot-phase like Gabe did.

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rudywolfe said:
was it ever asked before? what is the collar thing cas is wearing in the aging picture you posted before? what is it for?

Might I ask what why Cassie’s wearing a collar?

Hadn’t been asked before, only touched upon a bit :) While the following is accepted as ‘normal’ in the ‘verse, Sam and Dean are still fucking horrified by it on a daily base :(

Angels are pets in this verse. Owners are legally bound to make absolutely sure an angel can’t harm a human. Angels are quite a bit stronger and have a lot of ways they could injure or even kill a human if not kept under proper control!

Things used to keep them under control (humans suck ugh):

  • Collar with shock-properties (mandatory as soon as a fledgeling starts to display signs of threatening or even standing up to humans) It reacts to vibrations in the throat (like growls and snarls but also the high-pitched keening they can do) and has a remote control for other corrections.
  • Shock system at the base of the wings to keep them from teleporting (mandatory as soon as the fledgeling shows signs of getting the ability to teleport) Also used to discourage flying.
  • Wing harnesses and/or wing clipping (optional, mostly used to keep angels from knocking shit over or to keep them from flying)

Failure to comply with the mandatory stuff can end in the angel being seized ‘in the best interest of the public’. 

Gabriel was required to wear a collar very early on because he mantled and growled at an angel-owner who was being unfairly rough and impatient with their angel. Sam and Dean collared Cas at the same time out of solidarity. MIND: Sam and Dean are completely against the practice :( they comply though because hey, it’s better than the babies being taken!

(and Dean took one look at the shock-component before first trying it on himself, which resulted in a startled yelp and a cascade of bad words because the voltage is HIGH. Like Hell he was putting that on a person’s neck, let alone his fledgelings >:( a day, a lot of tinkering and a dozen of shocks later he outfits both angels with collars that SEEM functional but only give a buzz so they’ll know they’ll have to react as if they’re being corrected. Fuck the system, yo.)

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Part 1 (possible trigger warnings for child abuse and Cas being triggered into a sort-of panic attack) | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 (end)

it’s DONE *choir of cute baby-angels starts singing* thank you guys so much for being patient _o_ 

When i posted part 3 there was a question about if Cas was still pre-talking in this comic but I didn’t want to give it away in its entirety :P so yeah, for a second Dean was sure he’d scared Cas into a relapse of communicating solely with (albeit adorable) birdsounds, heh.

Under the cut: some elaborations on reactions and some kinda-angsty musings on Cas ‘getting over’ this!

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you guys are awesome~

Some ‘versebuilding and rambling about rapid aging, halted aging, and collars!

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I got multiple asks about the way angels age ♥ Info-dump ahoyyyy!

Aging is Weird in angels! There is a difference in growth-rate between bonded fledgelings and unbonded fledgelings. 

Unbonded fledgelings grow at a steady, moderate pace, with stages that can be sort-of compared to humans.

Bonded fledgelings age dependent on what their bondmate ‘needs’.

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Part 1 (possible trigger warnings for child abuse and Cas being triggered into a sort-of panic attack)| Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 

for those of you confused: it was never Gabriel’s intention to completely wreck their flock with animosity! He just felt the need to protect the youngest, to re-stabilize the status quo because well, it is a pretty awesome status quo! that said, he and Dean will probably have some awkward friction after this for a small amount of time, heh.

so when i said I was confident this stupid thing wouldn’t be growing more parts? I WAS WRONGFortunately that last part (just about a long as this one) is very nearly finished and will be posted within a week uwu

aaaah there are probably some typos in there i’m so tiiihiiired

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Anonymous said:
Come back

\o/ i’m having minor troubles including but not limited to my job, the frikkin comic wanting to be a comicBOOK anddd the Unfucking of My Habitat, hah. BUT STILL HERE :D~ 

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Anonymous said:
Will the next one be up soon?

it will be even if it frikkin KILLS me ugh B| it’s multiplied itself into roughly the length equal to the previous 2 posts combined, but the good news is i’ve finally sketched it to an end \o/ so i’m fairly positive it won’t suddenly grow more parts and i will just have to finish it uvu

so: soon, precious~~

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